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So, you want to convert your PDFs into an interactive publication. Look no further than our Page Flip service.

PageFlip presents your PDF documents in a feature rich format viewable on iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows devices. We give you the ability to embed multimedia – such as audio, video, YouTube videos and Flash animation – into the pages of your publication, giving the user a really dynamic visual experience.

Get discovered

We can generate HTML files for search engines to index. Once you submit one of these files to the engines, your publications will appear in their search results.

Back issues

Allow your readers to view back issues or related digital publications, providing a thumbnail of the relevant front covers.

Social Media

We can integrate your Page Flip publication to allow users to share, via email or social networks.

Google Analytics

We can allow the reader behaviour of your publications to be tracked using Google Analytics. Monitoring truly valuable data such as the number of visitors, time spent viewing your publication, links clicked, audios played, videos played and keywords searched for, could help transform your business.

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  • Integrate a PageFlip document into your own web page
  • Looks great on mobile and tablet devices
  • Print pages or save as PDF
  • Searchable in search engines
  • Track reader statistics using your own Google Analytics code
  • Embed video and audio into your document
  • Create a revenue stream by inserting advertising banners

Want to discuss your project? Call us on 0117 941 8000