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If you've got it, flaunt it. Accent have unearthed some ingenious ways for businesses to make Web Apps work exclusively for them.

Our WebApps technology is a combination of web development frameworks and integrations that work perfectly together allowing us to build unique solutions for our customers.

Web Apps – standalone web applications that provide a specific function – can be used to streamline a business process. Our solutions usually involve some document customisation or print management and always seek to provide a cost saving to our customer through efficiency.

One of our recent projects is the City of Bristol College Prospectus App, which is being used by thousands of students to make their choice of courses much more straightforward.

This system gathers specific data and uses it to produce a customised document.

In a very simple nutshell it:

  •   Gathers customer data
  •   Creates a bespoke document giving the end user a personal service
  •   Sends a personal email confirming the request and providing a link to download their file
  •   Sends the gathered data to City of Bristol College to use as part of their Student Engagement process
  •   Integrates three technologies to achieve all of the above

At Accent, we’re constantly looking for new ways to make technology work for our clients.

Another App in development will offer a highly streamlined process for a customer with 10,000-plus employees across multiple sites worldwide.

They currently use AccentOnline to order business cards using a traditional ‘shopping cart’ – this process asks the user to ‘find product, customise product, add to basket, populate order data (cost centre, data required), review order, then submit’.

Our clever new App will simply ask users for their email address and immediately show them their contact details for review. Once they have made any changes, we look up all associated data, such as the country they are based in, and use that to populate areas such as the delivery address and cost centre code.

One quick check over…click ‘Order’…and that’s it! We think this is a much slicker process for people who don’t want to be spending 10 valuable minutes trying to order business cards.

Incidentally, this customer’s business card artwork is created using DynamicDocs.

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